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Non- Fictional Works

Braid Girl! The Hair Braiding Instructional Ebook

In this ebook, author and braider Chanell J. Wilson shows how to braid hair by unveiling proven braiding techniques. This book breaks down the basic patterns of singles, cornrows, interlocks, and micro braiding. The author has also included a section on maintenance and upkeep of each hairstyle.

“With this ebook, you will learn a skill that can become a great source of income. ”

“With time, determination and patience you will be braiding hair for yourself, your friends and new clients in no time.”

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Non-Fictional Works

Identity?: A Black Girl’s Hair Memoir

In this memoir, Chanell J. Wilson revisits her hair journey; in hopes of finding peace with her image in an American Society.


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Fictional Works

Weekends Only

After ending her confusingly broken going nowhere relationship with her son’s father Dexter Bennet Senior, Bonnie Bennet (35) –decides to limit her next relationship to a Weekends Only Restriction to avoid disappointment, pathetic desperation and more heartbreak. Yet when she meets mechanic and Man’s Man Brandon Jones; sparks fly between them and their fast-paced passionate Weekends Only Romance turns into something real. When Bonnie finally gives in to Brandon’s request for more time, Dexter pulls the rug from under Bonnie and creates a series of dramatic events that turn her world upside down. Bonnie is now faced with a choice; take Brandon-the man of her dreams- off of restriction and fight for the happiness she wants or accept defeat and stay trapped in her old familiar world.

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Fictional Work

“I’ll Tear Your house Down”

Book 1 of the “Girl Go Get Your Love” Series

Rashida, a loner, has lived in a family imposed exile for nineteen-years. Shamed for getting pregnant and having a baby out of wedlock by a high-profile Public Figure; she has built a low-key life for herself and stayed out of the Leader’s way while raising their son alone. With her son away at college; Rashida is now in a place where she can finally claim a hold over her life and live a little. However; an old Scandal from her past rears its ugly head and threatens her forward mobility. Rashida is forced to not only bury the Scandal once and for all; but pull out her big guns and sever its mobility from the head. Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures and Rashida has everything to lose. She has had enough from her oppressor and she has decided to Tear His House Down!

In the first installment of the ‘Girl Go Get Your Love Series’; Chanell J. Wilson writes a story about overcoming bitterness and vengeance and having the courage to stand against abusive behavior.

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Fictional Work

“Poverty’s Finest”

Book 1

Disclaimer: This Novel contains graphic and explicit material. Reader Discretion is Advised.

In the novel Poverty’s Finest, by Chanell J. Wilson, Mac, Reesha, The Kid and Evie find themselves wrestling with the conditions of being poor. Each character has their inner strength tested as they journey through trials & tribulations. Their stories are told through various interactions with the same five-dollar bill.

Mac represents Situational Poverty- a DUI cost him his driver’s license and mobility temporarily; a one night-stand and an illegitimate child cost him his wife and family; and a knee injury on his construction job cost him his livelihood and steady income. Mac is now forced to sell Trees to make ends meet while he heals and looks for work. He desperately desires to have his family back.

Reesha represents Temporary Poverty- with Mac her estranged husband out of the picture because of his lifestyle choices of selling Trees; Reesha is forced to work two jobs to make ends meet for their ten-year old son Monty. Reesha feels stuck between a rock and a hard place through the juggling act of new found single motherhood and not always having enough. Frustration is her biggest annoyance.

The Kid represents Chronic Poverty- constantly chasing his next high. He has no real stability, income, or concept of self-awareness because he lives in a lucid dream state to escape the trauma from his past. The Kid is tall, lanky, malnourished, grimy and just billows and toils through life. He depends on Mac to sedate him with discounted Trees.

Evie represents Created Poverty- mother of four, her only real talent cannot be put on a resume. Evie has made it her life’s mission to be about “that life”. She views her children as souvenir’s from lovers past and let’s the child support checks be the gift that keeps on giving. Evie only dates rappers, ballers, high-rollers, and Sugar Daddy’s. Evie is chasing her next target Sugah Daddy Elwin, but she learns his style may be a little more than she bargained.