Chanell J. Wilson has been writing songs, poetry and stories since she was thirteen and performing since she was three-years old.  As an artist; she is a trained theatrical actress & voice-over performer, writer, dancer, public speaker, songwriter, & vocalist. She plays piano (to write songs and play for simple performances) and also draws and explores animations for in depth visual storyboarding projects to help flesh out her characters for her creative writing projects. She was a dancer for 10-years at DC Dance Center in San Leandro, CA studying ballet, tap and jazz and has competed in many national & regional competitions as a young child and ranking various First Place Competitions. She studied Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University and Screenwriting and Editing at Academy of Art University. She also has a Vocational Certificate in Recording Arts at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. specializing in Music Business/Industry Studies and is a member of ASCAP. She performed Background Vocals for Greg Scott on his song “Easier Done than Said”.

Chanell’s singing style is an eclectic mix of Joyful, Peculiar, & theatrical energy pulling from her gospel choir background and love for R&B, soul, neo-soul, punk and rock music. Her alto range and timbre has a vibrato that some have said calms and soothes the spirit and soul and Her stage presence is commanding, drawing people in with her Charismatic Smile and Aura. Her writing style is thought-provoking, inspirational, and authentic realism and share the stories of life. She believes in putting every micro aggression, feeling and vision into her words, melody and song structure for the overall presentation of the music experience. When she creates her sound she believes in trusting the process of the melodies that want to come out.

Chanell J. Wilson’s passion is for humanity and using her art to help heal and inspire all humans to pursue their purpose. She served as a clergy Minister for 5-years in Oakland, California and also has worked in Mental Health and has had trainings in conflict management and congregational care and has used these tools to aid in de-escalating dysfunctional incidents and working as a mediator to seek solutions in the midst of conflict. This work and her heart for humanity shapes her artistry. Chanell considers herself to be a humanist and lives from the motto study human behavior for the purposes of intent and communication and always seek to understand. She also believes in love your neighbor as yourself and respect each person’s experience.

After 15 years of workshopping various ideas and creating a catalog of written material; Chanell J. Wilson is ready to debut her work for the masses in a Creative Packaged Way.  She is the author of two published non-fictional works Braid Girl!: The Hair Braiding Instructional e-book and Identity?: A Black Girl’s Hair Memoir and three published fictional works Poverty’s Finest Book 1(Poverty’s Finest Series); I’ll Tear Your House Down Book 1 (Girl, Go Get Your Love Series); and Weekends Only. She is also co-owner of Beaver-Wilson Girl’s Media and oversees the YouTube content for their Grow Grow Baby & Kids Channel and puts together early learning, nursery rhyme, & educational content for Babies and Early Learning Youth. On August 8, 2018; Chanell released her debut single, “Draw Near to Me”.  Draw Near to Me (an eclectic R&B tune about getting close to the one you love) is Now getting National and International Radio Airplay and is currently spinning in heavy rotation on KMIX 98.5 FM Los Angeles, WNDO 109.9 FM Miami, KISS 104.7, Black Planet Radio in Italy,  and is #6 “Most Requested Songs” at WHTL 95.2 FM Cleveland ( She is currently working on her EP Project and Performing Regionally.

Becoming a new Mom to a vivacious, determined little Boy has changed her and solidified her focus and purpose. Her overall goal is to honor her talent be disciplined in her craft and be honest with herself. She believes that Creativity and Love can heal this world.