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Welcome to Chanell J. Wilson

I am Chanell J.Wilson, Artist & Author. I am also Owner of Braid Girl and creator of Braid Girl: The Hair Braiding Instructional Ebook. I built a Podcast on Youtube where I have tutorials, some of my artistic projects, & vlogs on life and social conversations.

As an artist; I am a trained theatrical actress & voice-over performer, writer, dancer, public speaker, songwriter, & vocalist. I play piano (to write songs and play for simple performances) and I draw and explore animations. I was a dancer for 10-years at DC Dance Center in San Leandro, CA and have competed in many national & regional competitions when I was a young child. I studied Theatre Arts at San Francisco State University and Screenwriting and Editing at Academy of Art University. I also have a Vocational Certificate in Recording Arts & Music Business/Industry Studies at Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. I am also a member of ASCAP.

As an author; I have been writing short stories and poetry for a very long time. For almost 20 years to be exact! I have bins and bins of scripts, novellas, compilation/anthology style books, screenplays, memoirs and monologues. A few years ago, a friend of mine and I decided to tackle an online publishing project where we could teach people skills that we had mastered. After brainstorming for hours and days, Braid Girl was born! That was eleven years ago. In my Apartment, we took photos of hair demos and wrote step by step instructions on how to braid hair. It was fun and exciting. I was sharing to the world a skill that I had learned from my mother as a child.

After that, I felt that it was time to release some of my completed novel works. So, I self-published Identity?: A Hair Memoir ( I now call it) Identity? A Black Girl’s Hair Memoir. In this Memoir, I discuss my journey with loving my hair. I then got bolder and decided to release a few of my fictional stories. Now, I have five self-published books and one book series in the works. (see the book sections for more information on the titles and where to buy them).

I am a Creative Innovative Soul. I am very in tuned with my Star Player (as Katt Williams used to say in his comedy routine). I love life, friends, family and I have recently become a parent to a vivacious spunky active little boy. Becoming a Mom has slowed me down and humbled me into a good position and it has made me discipline myself to my craft in a whole new way.

My life’s mission is to honor my talent, be disciplined in my craft, and be honest with myself at all times. Also, share, express and love humanity as best as I possibly can…I believe if I do that, then I will do my part on this earth as the Creative Soul I was born to be….

This website is about sharing and exploring and gleaning and interacting with each other. We will have good times, transitional times, growing pain times, & joyful times.

Thank you for visiting!

Be Blessed,

Chanell J. Wilson



So, What are you waiting for?

Go ahead and explore, I have great books! Awesome Tutorials on my youtube channel (please like,subscribe, and comment if it spoke to you or if you have a suggestion or something to add or just want to dialogue a contrasting idea. I will have some theatrical/music style Experiences please check back soon for those…I am a story teller so sit back and enjoy….

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